TS4003 Non-contact Linear Position Sensor

Ultra-thin (4mm) Non-Contact Sensor for Measuring Linear Positions up to 100mm

The TS4003 is a unique and cost-effective linear position sensor which detects the motion of any conductive object moving along the length of the sensor. This highly flexible linear sensor provides excellent reliability, long life, and accurate position measurements for a wide variety of mechanical applications. The unique design of the TS4003 enables the sensor to achieve equally effective measurements whether the target is mechanically coupled to the TS4003 mounting structure or mounted completely independent.

A significant advantage of the TS4003 is that this sensor does not require the presence of a fixed magnet in order to determine the position of the target object. This eliminates the cost and complexity of installing a magnet onto the application. Eliminating the fixed magnet also allows the TS4003 to provide accurate measurements in environments which are subject to high levels of stray magnetic fields (electric motors, transformers, etc.)


The TS4003 supports applications which are subject to harsh environments. This sensors has high immunity to stray magnetic fields and maintains accuracy in the presence of dirt, oil, water, and virtually any other contaminant; enabling the TS4003 to support applications wherein the sensor is immersed in fluid. The TS4003 detects a wide range of targets as small as 12.5mm (in length) to targets as large as 37.5mm, supporting measurement ranges up to 100mm.


  • Non-contact technology provides high reliability and long life with no component wear
  • Magnet-free technology eliminates the cost of adding a magnet to the target
  • Maintains accuracy in harsh environments including fluid immersion
  • Ultra-thin design, only 4mm high
  • Wide range of target sizes from 12.5mm to 37.5mm
  • Low offset design supports air gaps from 3mm to 7mm
  • 1% accuracy over the complete range of motion and operating conditions
  • IP67 compliant for use in harsh environments
  • Input power of 5VDC @ 15mA (3mm air gap)
  • Available with digital PWM output or 0 -5V analog output
  • Custom options available

Typical Applications

  • Linear potentiometer
  • Brake stroke measurement (commercial trailers)
  • Range of motion detection on lifting devices
  • Industrial process control
  • Gear shift or lever position
  • Vehicle leveling
  • Landing gear and outrigger detection on commercial equipment
  • Hydraulic cylinder position detection


The target is typically a mechanical structure whose position changes as the application performs its tasks. One examples of a target is the head of a hydraulic cylinder (see illustration below.) The TS4003 is placed in proximity of the hydraulic cylinder such that the head moves in a linear path over the surface of the TS4003 with the air gap between the head and the TS4003 being in the range of 3mm to 8mm. Unlike magnet-based sensors (Hall-effect) a magnet is not required, therefore it is not necessary to add a magnet to the target …

The mere presense of the target is all that is required in order for the TS4003 to detect its position. This significantly reduces the complexity of adding the TS4003 to the application. In addition, the TS4003 ability to support air gaps from 3mm to 8mm makes this sensor ideal for applications wherein the target is mechanically independent from the surface where the sensor must be mounted.

Hydraulic Cylinder


Interfacing to the TS4003 is achieved via a set of three wires (100mm long) which allow the user to install the connector which is most appropriate for the given application. Two of the three wires provide the input power (5VDC) for the TS4003, with the third wire providing the measurement signal. The TS4003-2A provides a 12-bit digital PWM output, while the TS4003-2B provides an analog output of 0-5VDC.

Custom Options

ThetaSys can customize elements of the TS4003 in order to optimize the performance for your application. Customizable features of the TS4003 include measurement range, measurement arc, target size, air gap, connector, and output format. Depending on the features, a customized TS4003 can achieve measurement accuracy of up to 0.25%. For more information about the TS4003 position sensor and/or customized options, please contact us.

Mechanical Dimensions

Mechanical Dimensions

For more information on the TS4003 please contact us or send us an email at info@thetasys.com