Sensors provide the link between the network and the real world…converting the physical into usable data which drives system decisions. Thetasys develops a wide range of sensing technologies from application specific single function sensor nodes to multi-function intelligent sensor integration modules. Our sensor solutions address a wide range of physical properties, including mechanical motion, environmental, and applications.


Automotive grade Sensor Node with 48MHz ARM-M0, digital I/O, analog inputs, RS-232, and CAN transceiver


Mechanical Motion

We are experts in detecting mechanical motion including linear, rotational, angular, and proximity. Thetasys is an industry leader in inductive sensing technology which provides high reliability contactless sensing that is immune to the stray magnetic fields which degrade the performance of other magnet-based sensors.

The TS4003 is our first product addressing applications for measuring linear motion. Click here for more information.



Temperature, humidity, moisture, vibration, shock…whether wired or wireless, Thetasys develops environmental sensors to meet your application needs. In addition to the sensor design, we can analyze the sensor data and generate the algorithms to identify key trends in the system behavior.



Significant experience developing sensor solutions for automotive, industrial, and commercial applications. Sensing pedal or throttle-body position, electronic power steering angle and torque, gear movement, gear shift position, brushless DC motor rotor angle, and more. Harsh environments, cost-sensitive commercial applications, safety critical systems and subsystems.