Sensor Networks

Managing data from a sensor node to the cloud is as critical as the data itself. We optimize the sensor network to meet the performance, power, and cost needs of each specific application. Whether utilizing proprietary technology or industry standards, we choose the elements which best fit your system needs, providing the competitive advantage which separates you from the pack.

Automotive grade 60W PMU

Automotive grade 60W PMU with vehicle power input, solar power management (with MPPT), and back-up battery charger


Distributed Processing

We focus on placing the processing power where it is the most efficient. In some systems it may be at the sensor node. In others it may be at the gateway or the cloud. More often than not, the processing is distributed across all elements of the system. Our experience covers the spectrum from bare metal processing to full featured computers running complex operating systems.


System Interfaces

Communication between nodes is an important part of any sensor network. We employ a wide range of interface technologies in order to achieve the critical goals of each particular system. Utilizing industry standard interfaces where practical and proprietary interfaces where necessary, our network designs deliver the combination of performance, power, and price that you demand.


Data Management

The data is the most essential element of any sensor network. Through a combination of local management and cloud management, Thetasys implements data strategies which deliver the flexibility and access that your customers demand. Whether wired or wireless, bytes or megabytes, our data management solutions are tailored to the needs of your application, often with future expandability built in.


Power Management

The options for powering a sensor network are many; however the right solution gives your system a competitive edge in both cost and efficiency. From wireless battery operated components, to vehicle powered systems, to harvesting energy from solar, we optimize the power system for the specifics of your network and application.