Inductive Sensors

The introduction of inductive sensor conditioning integrated circuits enables the implementation of sensor coils on standard printed circuit boards. As a result, cost effective and compact inductive sensors designs can now address a much wider range of applications. In environments which experience high levels of magnetic field ‘noise’, inductive sensors provide a highly reliable, contactless sensor solution immune to the fields which diminish the performance of similar magnet-based Hall-effect sensors. The team at Thetasys has spent years refining PCB-level inductive coil designs. Let us assist you with your next inductive sensor design.

Automotive grade Sensor Node

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Sensor Development

Sensor Development

For a majority of the past decade, Thetasys engineers have developed inductive sensing solutions with one goal in mind: solutions which are optimized for the application. Let our experienced team help you achieve your next inductive sensor design:

  • Coil design, simulation, and prototyping to your specification
  • System engineering and specification development support
  • Test, debug, and integration into the target system
  • Full production support, including characterization and test development



The Thetasys team has developed inductive sensor for a wide variety of applications for automotive, industrial and commercial markets.

  • Linear: Fluid level, gear position, actuator stroke, gear shift, etc.
  • Rotary/Angle: Potentiometer, pedal/lever, throttle, rotor position, etc.
  • Proximity: Gear position, brake stroke, pedal detection, etc.

ISO26262 Functional Safety

ISO26262 Functional Safety

Developing an inductive sensor product for automotive? Thetasys provides ISO26262 Functional Safety support via our certified safety experts. Whether setting-up your safety process, defining the safety requirements for your product, or supporting customer audits, our team provides the expertise to accomplish your goals.